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For the RETURNING CLIENTS ONLY who have purchased anything from either this or our other sites like, or from eBay sellers WWVLAD or HONORABLEMONKEY in the past and are now due to the Paypal and Western Union's warnings worried to prepay their orders by direct cash transfer or bank deposit we offer a Guaranteed Delivery Option. You cab pay us only AFTER you have received the goodies you desire,

To use this option would cost you roughly 25% more compare to the prices listed for the cash prepaid orders. You would only have to agree to pay thru the Money Gram cash transfer or bank deposit right after your goodies are delivered to you. (Certain restrictions may apply).

If you are a returning customer and like to avail this option then kindly email the copy of your last order from any of the sellers listed above and the (list of) item(s) you are after now. We shall respond with the price quote for such order . Then you'd only have to acknowledge that you agree to pay our quoted price by cash transfer right after the successful delivery or your package and your goodies will be on the way!

All others = NEW clients:

Kindly read our How To Order page first for important ordering instructions.

Thank you for visiting Doctor Puck!

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