Niu Bao Cattle Capsules

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Cattle Capsules

* Very Effective Aphrodisiac for Men and Women
* Instantly improves Sexual performance, restores libido and vitality
* Works Instantly (in 15 minutes) and lasts up to 72 hours
* Improves Metabolism, Kidney, Prostate and Brain Function
* Effective Enlarged Prostate & Prostate Infection Cure

Instantly Increases SEX hormone levels!

NiuBao Cattle Capsules is a new generation kidney invigorating natural medicine scientifically designed and elaborately made from rare top quality pizzle in combination with some famous and precious natural ingredients based on traditional Chinese Medicinal theory. This product has a distinctive effect on such diseases as sexual impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual hypo function, waist and leg weariness or weakness, insomnia, amnesia, and overall fatigue as caused by kidney deficiency and older age.

Ingredients: Pizzle, Pilose Antler, Ginseng, Collagen Protein, Active Peptide, Muco Polysaccharide, Amino Acids and trace elements, phosphorus, strontium, molybdenum, copper, chrome.

Work Mechanism: The product provides urinary track and sexual glands with nutrients necessary to stimulate their better function. It improves the amount of testosterone in blood as well as the function of adrenocort, stimulates ribose metabolism as protein synthesis, improves SOD's activity, stimulates gland secretion, reduces the amount of LPO, helps body to eliminate free radicals. As far as the traditional Chinese medicine is concerned this product improves the kidney function as well as Qi, cleans the blood and improves brain function.

Indications: Used for tonifying kidney and strengthening the sexual ability, promoting energy and generating marrow, tonifying and replenishing blood, reinforcing kidney and compensating body fluid. It is suitable for treatment of sexual impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, sexual disorders of both men and women, lassitude in loin and legs, chilly coldness of extremities, polyuria at night. In particular it has unique curative effect in treatment of erectile dysfunction, short duration of sexual intercourse (premature ejaculation).

Usage: patients suffering from sexual impotence due to lowered male sex hormone levels shall take 3 capsules once daily approximately 1 hour before sexual intercourse or at bedtime. For other purposes one 1-2 capsules daily dose shall be sufficient.

Storage: in a room temperature. Keep out of reach of children!

Precaution: This product has a very strong effect. People with serious cerebrovascular disease should start with lower doses and should use this product only under a physicians supervision.

Each Bottle contains 15 capsules of 300mg
Each CASE contains 15 bottles

Cattle Capsule

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