Qing Tian Zhu

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Amazing Pills from Potala Palace in Tibet - Ancient Recipe improved by modern technology+

Qing Tian Zhu

All NATURAL Instant Erectile Dysfunction ED Cure & Long Lasting MALE Enhancement

* Enhances erections in men of all ages
* All Natural -- No Prescription Required!
* Promotes stronger orgasms
* Controls premature ejaculation
* Improves Sexual performance - Makes Strong Man Stronger
* Works fast within 30 - 45 minutes
* Will keep Willy fatter and ready to stand-up fast for up to 72 hours
* Increases the androgen levels and sperm count
* Has no harmful side effects

"Qing Tian Zhu" Also known as "OTO" combines the power of well known herbal aphrodisiacs with restorative herbs. It is commonly used for both Male's sexual enhancement of adult man of any age as well as treatment of symptoms of partial androgen deficiency in aging man (PADAM) or erectile dysfunction (ED)*. The tablets are made from all natural raw ingredients by the latest complex nanometer extraction technique from both plant and animal raw materials which are thus highly powderized and concentrated. They are rapidly absorbed into blood, effective within 15 – 30 minutes and the marked effects lasting for 36 – 72 hours. The product is 100% natural, contains absolutely no chemical stimulants or any internationally prohibited components such as narcotics or anesthetics.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), Cooked Rehmannia Root, Deer Antlers, Refined Tibetian Deer Glandular Extract.

Directions of Use:
Chew one tablet with and swallow with a bit of liquid (best with warm water) about 30 minutes or sooner before sexual activity or take one tablets every 3 days at bedtime.

Daily usage for hygienic purpose or doubling doses for experimental purposes OK.

Storage: store in dark place in a room temperature. Keep out of reach of children!

There are 4 tablets in each blister pack

Qing Tian Zhu

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Home Retail Wholesale Deals Shipping Delivery Guarantee Terms